5 Best Painting Easels for Professional Adult Artists Creating Large Canvas Oil and Acrylic Paintings

Here are 4 best painting easels for professional adult artists creating large canvas oil and acrylic paintings. The H-frame easel has long reigned as the gold standard. Its rugged, reliable design has stood the test of time, proving itself as an unwavering support for artists iand their big canvases.

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1. MEEDEN Deluxe Crank Adjusting Easel H- Frame Studio Easel 

The Meeden Crank Easel is a sturdy H-frame easel suitable for canvas paintings up to 83 inches in height. With its refined rosewood finish, it brings an element of elegance to any studio. This easel is meticulously designed for committed professional artists, providing the necessary stability and support for ambitious art projects.

2. MEEDEN Deluxe Movable H-Frame Studio

The Meedum Deluxe Movable H-Frame Easel is perfect for adult professional artists working on large oil and acrylic paintings. This solid wood easel can securely hold artwork up to 78″ high, providing stability for big projects. Its movable design allows artists to easily adjust the canvas to the perfect angle and height.


3. VISWIN Heavy-Duty Extra Large H Frame Easel, Hold Canvas to 82″

The VISWIN Heavy Duty H-Frame Easel is ideal for professional artists working on large canvases. It can hold artworks up to 82 inches in height, providing plenty of space for ambitious creations. Its adjustable design allows artists to find the perfect angle for their work.


4. Adjustable Height Beech Studio Easel H-Frame

The adjustable height beach studio easel is essential for professional artists, as it effortlessly supports canvas paintings up to 77″ in height. Its sleek and stylish design sets it apart, complementing the studio space and adding an aesthetic touch to the workspace. This easel is a perfect choice for serious artists seeking functionality and aesthetics in one package.


5. ATWORTH Extra-Large H-Frame Artist Easel

The Atworth Extra Large H-Frame Artist Easel is designed for artists who work with large acrylic and canvas paintings. This sturdy easel can handle canvases up to 82 inches in height, providing a reliable foundation for creating substantial works of art. It is the perfect companion for artists looking to explore their creativity on a grand scale.


In the art world, many artists aspire to create on a large scale. Professional artists who paint big require a strong and dependable easel. Our top four easel choices for these artists highlight the importance of sturdy support. Each easel in this selection showcases the H-frame design, which offers the perfect base for oversized canvases. For artists who enjoy working on a grand canvas, the strength and stability provided by an H-frame easel are priceless.