bicycle abstract art

Introducing the Bicycle Abstract Art Collection by Tommervik, where wheels meet whimsy and handlebars embrace eccentricity. Behold a world where bicycles transcend their mere function of transportation and become masterpieces that defy gravity, logic, and perhaps even common sense. Each stroke of Tommervik’s brush captures the essence of these two-wheeled marvels in a riotous display of colors, shapes, and textures. You’ll find handlebars curving like calligraphy strokes, spokes morphing into ethereal tendrils dancing with unseen winds, and frames contorting themselves into impossible angles that would leave any engineer scratching their head. In this collection, reality takes a backseat as bicycles metamorphose into abstract creatures yearning to break free from the constraints of physics itself. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or simply an art enthusiast seeking the bizarre beauty hidden within everyday objects, prepare to embark on a journey through Tommervik’s oddball universe where pedal power meets abstract prowess.