Category: Animal Paintings

Explore our large wall art collection of abstract animal paintings. This artwork is a unique gift idea for animal lovers. You can buy large and small canvas prints, metal prints or framed pictures of each original oil painting.

geometric dinosaur wall art

Geometric Dinosaur Wall Art Print Triceratops Painting on Canvas

wolf art

Arctic Wolf Art Print Abstract Wolves Painting on Canvas

siamese cat painting

Siamese Cat Call Painting

two wolves painting

Two Wolves Painting

white bull painting

Abstract White Bull Painting Canvas Wall Art Print

funny cow painting

Funny Cow Painting

cow feeding calf painting

Cow Feeding Calf Painting

dog wall art

Dog Wall Art Print Abstract Man and Dog Painting on Canvas

Industrial Elephant Painting

cool cow painting

Electric Cow Painting

orange cat art

Orange Cat Art Print Simple Geometric Cat Painting on Canvas

cheetah fur coat

Cheetah Wall art Print Abstract Wild Cat Canvas Painting

BullMastiff Dog Painting

Dog Lover Painting

abstract wolf painting

Abstract Gray Wolf Howling Painting Canvas Art Print

abstract bull painting

Abstract Bull Painting

elephant wall art

Geometric Elephant Painting Abstract Cubism Animal Canvas Print

horse running painting

Wild Horse Running Painting

siamese cat painting

Siamese Cat Painting on Canvas Wall Art Print

compass art

Lone Wolf Painting

abstract squirrel painting

Abstract Squirrel Acorn Painting

cute squirrel painting

Precious Baby Squirrel Painting

Cubism Cow Painting

wolf abstract art print

Geometric Wolf Art Print Abstract Canvas Painting

wolf painting

Abstract Gold Wolf Oil Painting – Canvas Art Print

Squirrel Painting Eating Acorn Canvas Print

Dog Portrait Painting

pack of wolves painting

Pack of Wolves Painting

raccoon art

Crafty Raccoon Painting

wolf abstract painting

Abstract Wolf Painting Geometric Wildlife Canvas Art Print

Colorful Abstract Dog Painting

Colorful Abstract Dog Painting

umbrella painting

Black Bird Wall Art Print Abstract Bird Painting on Canvas

unique wolf art

Strange Wolf Painting

Man and Wolf Canvas Art Print Modern Animal Wall Painting

Abstract Siberian Husky Painting

standing bear painting

Standing Bear Painting

geometric elephant wall art

Abstract Elephant Herd Painting

timber wolf art

Timber Wolf Art Print Rustic Wildlife Animal Painting on Canvas

Abstract Bulldog Painting

white dog painting

White Dog Oil Painting

abstract painting of a lion

Lion Wall Art Print Abstract African Safari Painting on Canvas

dog running painting

Dog Running Painting Playing Frisbee Canvas Art Print

abstract elephant painting

Abstract Elephant Painting

abstract fox painting

Abstract Fox Painting

abstract deer painting

Abstract Deer Painting

bulldog wall art print

Bulldog Wall Art Print Greek Statue Painting on Canvas

Abstract Rhino Painting

Abstract Rhino Painting

wolf eyes painting

Wolf Eyes Painting

Abstract German Shepherd Painting

Abstract Rottweiler Art Guard Dog Oil Painting