elvis abstract art


Tommervik’s Elvis Abstract Art Collection is like Elvis doing the twist with a compass and a protractor. It’s a wild ride of funky shapes and patterns that’ll have you saying, “Thank you, thank you very much!” Some might think it’s a bit out there, like Elvis in his rhinestone jumpsuits, but hey, art is all about breaking boundaries, right? Whether you’re a fan of abstract art or just want to see the King in a whole new light, this collection is sure to make you go “uh-huh” with its groovy geometric goodness.


Tommervik Fine Art Prints

Cards on the table, we never really understood Cubism as an artistic movement. We love staring at a well painted picture of a naked girl in a gallery as much as the next guy, but when Picasso started getting all geometric with the fun bags we stopped paying attention. Don’t get us wrong, we totally respect his contribution and work to further Cubism, but we like the color periods and the sculpture much more. Tommervik, on the other hand, is cubism with enough pop culture to keep our (admittedly short) attention spans in check. – coolmaterial.com